Beautiful Belvedere Square

This past Saturday I wandered over to Belvedere Square. I’d received a mailer around Small Business Saturday in November and am just now getting around to exploring.

Can I just say that I’ve been missing out?

Belvedere Square is a sweet little conglomerate of stores, shops, restaurants and great people. When I first checked out their website it’s no surprise I was gunning for the food. What I didn’t expect was the wide variety of businesses peppered throughout the block. You’ve got a salon, a diner, a bagel joint, a bank (two?), a pizza parlor, a pub, a gym .. what is this, New Jersey?

Know the best part? With the exception of the Sprint store, every single storefront is independent (as far as I know). And the second best part? There’s parking! #smalljoys

The real draw for me was the indoor market, which I can only imagine must be stunning in good weather with it’s cute cafe tables and booming business. I knew the key players from the website, and had chatted with @AtwatersBakery who informed me that croissants were happening for the first time this weekend. Check! Atwater’s also sports a deli counter where you can get your lunch fix, and do some quality people watching.

Atwater’s is in good company with Planet Produce / Earth’s Essence – purveyor of fresh fruit & veg and fresh juices and smoothies. I almost passed out when I saw a Zumex machine tucked into the corner of the produce section .. these things are The Answer to real orange juice in Spain, and I’d never seen one in the U.S. This alone will encourage me to go back again and again and again.

I also dipped into Grand Cru for a bottle of red wine, stopped at Neopol Savory Smokery for a pound of andouille sausage and some Italian pasta from Ceriello Fine Foods. Let’s not forget the muffaletta sandwich for lunch, the apple/carrot/ginger juice and a $9 matinee at the nearby Senator Theatre which dates back to 1939.

So much more to sample when I return. Shoofly Diner – just named one of the “Best New Bars in the South” by Southern Living. Yeah, I don’t believe this is the South either .. Mason Dixon line be damned. There’s also Sofi’s Crepes which recently catered an event for our office (duh, crepes are international). Greg’s Bagels was high on my list but I had zero cash at the time and the line was a mile long. Ryan’s Daughter is where I parked my car (4 hour limit for B Square shoppers) but I do have plans to return for a pint. All that said, I am quite ok with this to-do list!

Good day? Great day. Thanks, Belvedere Square .. see you soon.


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