Discovering Towson 2.0

Some more exploring in the foodie haunts of my new city.

Jake’s Deli – 401 Washington Avenue – You know how I feel about delis. Jake’s is a gem tucked into the center of Towson, walkable from the post office and several local businesses. After a morning errand, I saw the word “Deli” and immediately craved chicken salad – the standard by which I judge all delis. I was not disappointed! The sandwich was properly priced, huge and quickly made, and packed into a to-go container for me with chips and a pickle. It’s a bit hard to see from the street, but it’s located in the basement of the building it occupies.

Burger Brothers Towson

Burger Bros

Burger Bros – 14 Allegheny Avenue – I took my parents to this highly touted* local burger joint a month or two ago, thanks to a Groupon. I will say the prices are higher than average so the Groupon was useful. Dad and I had burgers and Mom opted for a salad. The turkey burger was just right, and the onion rings I ordered were out of this world. The indoor seating is limited, so you may want to take your burger for a walk.

Spice & Dice – 1220 East Joppa Road – Thai food was my only refuge in the small Midwestern town that I lived in prior to Baltimore, so it is quite close to my heart. Colleagues and friends order from Spice & Dice all the time and I finally got on board. Their lunch specials Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. include a free appetizer and dessert, and start at $7.95. Prepare yourself for HOT if you ask for a spicy dish – they are not messing around!

* Burger Bros was rated “Best of Baltimore” in 2008.


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