Satisified in San Francisco

My first foray into beautiful San Francisco included most of the major highlights, thanks to my trusty tour guide. 1) The thrill of public transportation: riding the BART in from Oakland and hopping a street car in the city. 2) The beautiful Ferry Building, chock full of market wonders and yes, ferries. 3) Strolling along the Embarcadero, marveling at the size and grandeur of overflowing flower baskets and serious fishermen. 4) Listening to the absurd sound of barking sea lions at Pier 39. 5) Chowing down on chowdah and sourdough at Boudin on Fisherman’s Wharf. 6) Staring in absolute awe and over-photographing the Golden Gate Bridge and indulging in a hot cup of chai from the Warming Hut along the Presidio while kite surfers race along the bay. 7) Walking through the Palace of Fine Arts and thinking thoughts of Europe. 8) Having dessert before dinner at Dandelion Chocolate on Valencia.

Altogether we probably walked 5 miles for the day, and I’d do it again in a minute. Satisfied in San Francisco? I’d say so.


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