The tall and short of it:

I’m a 31 y/o Northeastern American with a taste for tortilla and a severe dose of wanderlust. After completing my M.Ed. in International Education, I returned to southern Spain where I studied abroad as an undergrad, and taught English for the Spanish Ministry of Education. Endless joy, living in Europe, making my way around with eyes wide, stomach full and wallet slowly emptying.

I’m bilingual, but not fluent. I’m crazy about food and books, volleyball and photography.

Study abroad is my life: past, present and future. It’s my profession and also my soapbox. Currently working as Associate Director of Study Abroad for a state school in Maryland after 2 years in a study abroad office in the Midwest.

Top 50 Blogs for Those Interested in Teaching Abroad


6 Things Your International Ed Cover Letter Needs
The Pros & Cons to Being a University Study Abroad Advisor
Five Reasons to Teach Abroad in Spain
The Journey Back to Spain – My Story of Teaching Abroad after Study Abroad

Author Interview
What Courses to Take While Studying Abroad in Spain
Dear Mom and Dad, I’m Studying Abroad
How to Talk to Your Students About Studying Abroad
Top 6 Reasons to Live With a Host Family While Studying in Spain
A Semester in the Sun: Studying Abroad in Spain

guest blogs:
Sevilla Snapshots for sunshinesiestas
What Not to Do While Studying Abroad for 20firstlife

blog posts with my current office: @TowsonAbroad
TowsonAbroad: On Site in England & Scotland

Proud to share that our office Instagram (@TowsonAbroad) was just named one of the Top 20 study abroad accounts to follow by GoAbroad, as featured on Buzzfeed!

past blog posts with my former office: EIU Office of Study Abroad
Coffee Abroad: Cafe Freddo
Everyday Abroad: Ireland
Host Family Gifts: Made in the USA
Home Away from Home: Living Abroad

spot my writing elsewhere:
Adding travel tips & pics for fellow travelers: Traveldudes
* Don’t let off-season travel by a turn-off
* Swap your books & save some cash
* The joy of postcards in the age of email
* Not your average souvenir


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