las despedidas

despedida = farewell / goodbye

Our teachers planned a surprise farewell party for Jaime and I this past Wednesday, our last official day teaching together at school. The first clue was a wrapped package from a bakery in the car I rode to school in. I didn’t think anything of it at first because we’re always having cakes and treats in our teacher’s lounge. We picked up the last teacher and she turned around to see the cake in my coworker’s lap. With eyebrows raised she asked, “what’s happening today?” indicating the package. My coworker said, “nothing is happening to me today” and the driver added “me either.” The teacher in question gasped and said, “Oh I forgot! How was everyone’s day?” Suspicious!

When I dropped off some food in the refrigerator, the teacher’s lounge was set up with tablecloths and napkins – pretty festive for the average Wednesday. I spotted a note on the whiteboard that said, “Reminding you all about recess tomorrow!” in my coordinator’s handwriting. Laughing to myself I enjoyed the covert activities going on in the copy room while I myself was trying to make copies for my afternoon classes. I gave Jaime a heads up just before recess, and sure enough our coordinator came to get us to invite us to a coffee upstairs.

A table full of breakfast food and surrounded by our teachers waited for us. We received a most wonderful gift from our students – scrapbooks full of letters and photos. From our teachers we received a Paulo Coehlo book and many kind wishes in our scrapbooks. I was informed that two of my classes did not include letters in the scrapbook because they are planning something else – and knowing them, it is going to be outrageous.

On the social side of things, we are having dinners and lunches and today a city-wide scavenger hunt is planned. Not to mention the end of the world is nigh, so we are making the most of it. I mean, why else would someone jump in the Guadalqivir river??

Check out some of the student notes!

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