Discovering Towson

So I have a new home. I also have all my furniture, clothes and life debris from Illinois. Here are some gems I’ve located in Towson while exploring my new neighborhood.

* Towson Diner – 718 York Road – Proof of return to the East Coast – the diner. A true family-run diner with heaping plates of pancakes, greasy homefries and a tall laminated menu and 1950’s kitsch (complete with tableside jukebox). I had a perfect plate of challah French Toast, and the only part I frowned about was the price. Here, the diner is a novelty and therefore bears touristy prices.

* Vito’s Pizza – 6304 York Road – I’ve already been here twice. Here’s why: 1) pizza by the slice like a legit pizzeria, 2) an owner speaking Italian-Spanish to his staff, and 3) an international soccer game on the TV. Even my mother’s chef salad was well appointed, and my white slice was dynamite. With a slice bigger than my face, it was also a cheap expedition! Without question, a new favorite.

* Pho Dat Thanh – 510 York Road – One of three locations. Never underestimate a good bowl of pho. This tiny place sits just south of the circle in Towson center. There was a line when we stepped in around dinnertime on a Friday night — to me, this is a positive sign. The menu is extensive, with noodle dishes, rice dishes and of course: pho. With the avocado bubble tea and a regular sized pho with meatballs, I was a very happy visitor.

* Towson Hot Bagel – 1810 York Road – One of three locations. I actually detoured toward a shopping center in this area thinking I would try a local sushi place. And then? Bagels. BAGELS. I have been in bagel exile for too long. So here I was, redeemed with a chicken salad sandwich on an everything bagel. Angels were singing, the heavens opened up, and I also tried a bag of Utz Crab Chips (once and done).

Good news: I also now have a locker at the local gym, so I can keep up with all of this food!


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